Kinofilm 2014 presents British New Wave Shorts Programme 1

BRITISH NEW WAVE SHORTS PROGRAMME 1 (Cert 15) @ Central Library Performance Space Thursday 29th May, 4pm-5.30pm

In our first selection of British New Wave shorts we present thoughtful drama, romantic comedy, experimental documentary and other genre defying tales from the UK including Mark Davenport’s shocking account of suffering hidden behind a cloak of normality in ‘One in Five’ starring Georgia Taylor and Mark Gill’s Oscar nominee ‘The Voorman Problem’ starring Martin Freeman.


The Voorman Problem

Dir: Mark Gill, 12’ / UK / 2011

A psychiatrist (Tom Hollander) is called to a prison to examine the enigmatic Mr Voorman (Martin Freeman) who is convinced he is a god.


The Hedgehog

Dir/Wri: Chris Lee, Paul Storrie, Pro: Stephanie Macindoe 7’ / England / 2013 / World Premiere

A lone boy dressed as his favourite video game hero encounters a strangely familiar man in a desolate suburban town and discovers a peculiar truth to his existence.


Serotonin by Mira Un Lobo!

Dir/Pro/Wri: Chris Lee,Paul Storrie 4’ 35” / UK / 2014 / World Premiere

A traditional street performer battles depression and anxiety in a modern world to do what he loves best.


The Caravan Trilogy (Story 1)

Dir: Andrew Gunn 8’20’ / England / 2013

The Caravan Trilogy (Story 2)

Dir: Andrew Gunn 5’50’ / England / 2

The Caravan Trilogy (Story 3)

Dir: Andrew Gunn 10’30’ / England / 2013

An abandoned caravan provides the setting for a genre bending trilogy of dark emotion, visceral menace and dystopian science fiction guest starring David Warner.


Help Point

Dir/Wri: Andrew Margetson, Pro: Nick Hudson 12’30’ / England / 2013 / Regional Premiere

Jack has lost his car in a car park. So has Maya. At the Help Point his attempts to charm her don’t go to plan.


One in Five

Dir: Mark Davenport, Pro: Fiona Hardingham, Wri: Graeme Brookes 17’ / England / 2014 / World Premiere

Your colleague. Your neighbor. Your Brother. Your Sister. You?

Cowboy Ben

Dir:  Scott Rawsthorne, 9’ / England / 2014 / World Premiere

Desperate, delusional and destitute, Ben (Shaun Dooley) meets a childhood friend Brian (Ramon Tikaram) in a trendy London bar.


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