Kinofilm 2014 Presents: Cuentos de Amor (Romantic Tales)

CUENTOS DE AMOR (ROMANTIC TALES)(Cert 15) @ Cervantes Institute

Wednesday 28th May, 6.30pm

In this special program we encounter tales of past, present and future loves in a romantic collection of Spanish and Latin shorts. Including the UK Premiere of Gemma Ferrate’s touching tale of lost and found love in ‘Lemon and Chocolate’, and the eternal dilemma of a couple who are maybe slightly more than just good friends in Carlos Davila’s delightful romantic comedy ‘El Beso’ (The Kiss).

El Beso (The Kiss)

Dir/Pro: Carlos Davila Pro/Wri: Rob Cavazos / 11’50” / Mexico / 2014

Is a kiss between friends ever ‘just a kiss’?


Dir/Wri/Pro: Juan Pablo Zaramella Wri: Juan Pablo Zaramella / 6’ / Argentina / 2012

In a world controlled and timed by light, a common man has a plan that could change his destiny.

Lemon & Chocolate

Dir: Gemma Ferrate / 11’38”/ Spain / 2013 / UK Premiere

Luke and Lucy meet each other by chance and end up spending the day on a physical and emotional journey.


Dir: Sam Baixali / 15′ / Spain/ 2013

The language of love sometimes requires a phrasebook. Two people begin a friendship that brings back lost meaning to their lives.


Dir: Julian Zuazo / 18’ / Spain / 2012

In the not too distant future Marion will be the woman of every man’s dreams.

Low Cost

Dir: Franco Volpi / 14’/ Spain / 2014

A English/Geman couple take a road-trip through the back roads of Alicante, on a cheap holiday, hoping to get their relationship back on firmer territory.

Última Sesion (The Last Session)

Dir:  Natxo Fuentes / 14’ / Spain / 2014

As an old cinema is closing down two young people meet for the first time, meanwhile two old friends are saying their final goodbyes at the last picture show.

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