Kinofilm Presents International Panorama

INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA (Cert 15) @ Anthony Burgess Centre

Saturday 31st May – 5.15pm

Spectacular global shorts, including the enchanting story of a lonely wooden bench in Christoph Schinko’s ‘A Bench’s Tale’, a harrowing tale of corruption and human frailty in Ryan Prows’ ‘Narcocorrido’, and Martin Rosete’s breath taking multi award winner ‘Voice Over’.

A Bench’s Tale

Dir: Christoph Schinko, Pro:

12′  Austria / 2013 / UK Premiere / Award Winner – Best Shorts Competition La Jolla California

The story of a lonesome wooden bench and the hardships it has to endure through nature as well as the human hand.


18’20” / PT / 2013 / Golden Starfish Nominee – Hamptons International Festival

Sebastian is a wealthy young man. Zé-Tó is a gypsy. Both think they know the other’s type, but both are in for a surprise

Voice Over

Dir: Martin Rosete

10′ /  Spain / 2012 / Multi Award Winner

A voice over leads us through three extreme situations that are actually the same. Will you discover the connection?

Espejos (Mirrors)

Dir/Pro: Arley Rojas

6’ / Columbia / 2014

A man is about to end his life in pain and discovers a second chance of happiness.


Dir: Ryan Prows, Pro: Onye Anyanwu

12’ / 2012 / USA / Multi Award Winner

The drug ballad of a gravely ill border cop’s reckless heist of a cartel shipment, sung by a desperate soul destroyed in her wake.


Dir: Fani Konstantinou

15′ / Spain / 2014 / Winner of Best Short Film – Paris Film Festival

A mother’s move abroad for work with her young children causes the nanny to try and figure a way of not being left out.


Dir: Matteo Pianezzi

7′ 40′ / Italy / 2012 / Award winner – Charleston International Festival

Behind a clown’s makeup there is always a man with his story.


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