Kinofilm 2014 presents Kino Comedy

KINO COMEDY (Cert 15) @ Central Library Performance Space

Thursday 29th May, 6.00pm Central Library


Sometimes it’s the little things that make us laugh! In this diverse selection of comedy shorts we are treated to a hilariously true to life train journey with a typical family in ‘Bradford Halifax London’. On the other side of the world a taxi driver aspires to touch lives through his songs in the sweetly humorous ‘Melvis’. Meanwhile it is a day like any other for Tony Bianchi, in Francesco Zuchi’s award winning magical comedy ‘Piove (It’s Raining)’.



Dir/ Wri: Jamie Humphris, Pro: Luigi Iacullo/Andrew Skarda / 9’ / Australia / 2014

When he couldn’t reach out for his dream, his dream reached out for him… a musical drama about a taxi driver who aspires to touch lives through his songs.



Dir/Wri: Francis Lee, Pro: Grace Welch / 9’ / England / 2013

Shot in one take with one locked off camera position. A family take the 10:22 train from Bradford to London on just another ‘typical family’ outing…


The Heebie-Jeebies

Dir/Wri: Todd Slawsby, Pro: Roz Weisberg / 9’ / USA / 2013

After a young boy and girl hear a scary story, they become convinced something terrible is hiding beneath their beds. They may be right…


Libre Directo (Free Kick)

Dir:Bernabe Rico / 13′ / Spain / 2013

Having turned 60, Adela has the chance to win €300,000 and leave her old life behind. All she has to do is kick a ball from mid-field into an open goal during the half-time of a Spanish League football match…


With Best Regards

Dir/Pro/Wri: Bernhard Wenger / 4’30’ / Austria / 2013

Mr Dreamy parks in front of the Café and a shy waitress doesn’t dare to go out and talk to him. But her friend has a crazy idea how she can get to know this guy.


Alles Super!

Dir: Ralf Beyerle / 22′ / Germany / 2013

A directionless thirty something attempts to give some meaning to his life by roaming the streets as a superhero.

El Bicho (The Bug)

Dir: Irene Hernanz / 7’ / Spain / 2013

Susana and Miguel find a bug in the office… Or is it? What starts as curiosity will get the worst of them.


Piove (It’s Raining)

Dir: Francesco Zucchi, Pro: Lumaca Film- Lu Pulici,  Wri: Francesco Zucchi, Lu Pulici, Josep Piris, Valentina Galli

15’ / Italy / 2013

Tony Bianchi, a village doctor has daily encounters with colourful characters that gradually reveal an unexpected truth about his place in the world.


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