Kinofilm 2014 Presents Made in Manchester

MADE IN MANCHESTER (Cert 15) @ 3 Minute Theatre Wednesday 28th May, 8.30pm

This is a programme of shorts focusing on films exclusively made right here in Manchester. So come on out and show your support for our local filmmakers! Catch ‘The Dormroom’ by Caleb Shaffer, ‘Full Time’ by Mark Gill, and ‘Insomnia’ by Drew Lovett, just to name a few.


What Are Friends For

Dir: Darren Oakes

Manchester, 2013, 6min

Theo is a young boy who wants the best of both worlds, yet until he realises that actions have consequence, his life will just keep going round in circles.


The Loudest Minds

Dir: John Grey; Writ: John Grey, Harry Dyer; Prod: Kate Murphy

Manchester, 2013, 15min

Together young Pippa West and her imaginary friend Mr. Fizz discover that friendship can be found in even the most unlikely of places.


The Dormroom

Dir: Caleb Shaffer

Manchester, 2013, 4min 10sec

Suli Breaks, a spoken word artist, re-enacts formative moments spent in his university dormroom.



Dir: Aneel Ahmed

Manchester, 2014, 12min

Checkpost follows filmmaker Shahid Mehboob, after he is shot and wounded on a remote highway in Pakistan.



Dir: Drew Lovett; Prod: Dana Bruce. World Premiere

Manchester, 2013, 11min

Waking nightmares induced by insomnia drive Sarah to confront her past in the present.


A Dance Away

Dir: Rico Marshall; Writ: Daniel McCann

Manchester, 2013, 14min 14sec

Dancer Jenny decides between a life with Mike and her dream of attending dance school in New York.



Dir: Mark Gill, Prod: Baldwin Li, 2011, 15mins

A successful photographer reluctantly returns to his childhood home in the north of England to accompany his father to see his beloved football team.

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