Kinofilm presents North West Shorts

NORTH WEST SHORTS (Cert 15) @ Anthony Burgess Centre

Sunday 1st June, 6.15pm

North West Shorts presents a diverse selection from the current crop of home grown talent. Catch ‘The King is Dead’ by Richard Higson, ‘My Life’ by Martin Chart, and ‘Blind Faith’ by Gino Evens. Join us for an evening of thought provoking and entertaining short films from the North West region. Followed by Q&A.


Dir: Chris Cronin; Writ: Jo Gardner, UK, 2013, 5min 45sec

After a chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious woman, a young man sets out to win her heart.

My Life

Dir: Martin Chart. UK Premiere, UK, 2013, 5min 5sec

Alone and with no one to turn to, Lawrence sees no way out, but is his torment nothing more than a dream?


Dir/Writ: Joe Cottrell-Boyce; Prod: Aurora Mulligan, UK, 2013, 14min 30sec

Jobless ex-con Adam is determined to rekindle his relationship with his son and they embark on an adventure together which finds them on the wrong side of the law.

Blind Faith

Dir/Writ: Gino Evens; Prod: Mike Herbert, Manchester, 2013, 29min 30sec

​​​Jed, who sleeps the streets of Manchester, is convinced his love for his girlfriend and his spiritual beliefs will turn his life around.


The King Is Dead

Dir/Writ: Richard Higson; Prod: Will Hall Smith, UK, 2013, 8min 20sec

Together Lionel, Nicky and Frank will find out who the mole in the organisation is, whatever it takes

 June and the Baba Yaga

Dir: Sam Cronin, Prod: Alex Stone, UK, 2013, 20 mins

When the time comes for Junes 13th birthday, her grandmother sets her off on a peculiar journey through magical woods and mystical sands to find a stranger who will rid her of the angry spirit following her, but for a price. A knock must always be answered…

Jig Saw

Dir/Writ/Prod: Basil and Rashad Al-Safar, UK, 2013, 8 mins 30 secs

A purchase of a mystery Jigsaw puzzle leads a man to an evening of frightening consequences

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