Kinofilm 2014 presents Redhead Shorts

REDHEADS (Cert 15) @ 3 Minute Theatre Wednesday 28th May, 6pm

This programme is specially curated for the International Red Head Day, and features films starring red-headed actors. The lineup includes the multi-award-winning short ‘The Morning After’, directed by David Renaud, and the short ‘I’ll Be Here All Night’, directed by Andrew Parkhill, about a pub singer befriending someone in the most unlikely circumstances.


The Big Day

Dir: Karl Falconer; Writ: Karl Falconer / Aimee Marnell; Prod: Thomas Williams

UK, 2013, 3min 56sec

Follow Alice’s experiences on her sister’s wedding day in this affectionate Northern comedy.


Nobbly Carrot 7

Dir/Writ: Josh Allott; Prod: Sam Tipper-Hale

UK, 2013, 21mins.

Fruit and veg vendor Ruby, falls for online DJ Vinyl Lionel and has to shut her laptop and go meet him for real.


I’ll Be Here All Night

Dir/Writ: Andrew Parkhill, Prod: Larry Cowan

England/Ireland, 2013, 9min

A pub singer tries to entertain a rowdy bar with help from a new fan, but soon finds hecklers are the least of his problems.
Charlie Boy

Dir: Vicki Kisner
16′ 30′ / London / 2013

A short fictional drama film about a simple story of a brother and sisters’ love for each other that often goes wrong.


The Dread

Dir: James Starkie

UK, 2013, 6min 30sec

Sufferers of the Dread fear sleep itself, but they soon find it also takes a toll on waking life…


The Morning After

Dir: David Renaud; Writ: David Renaud/Meg Gifford; Prod: Mia Renaud

USA/Canada, ??,  14min 23sec

A woman wakes up naked in bed with a sexy stranger and finds he may just be the man of her dreams.



Dir/Writ: Joel Louis Jent, Prod: Manuel Benz, Writ: Annette Lober. UK Premiere.

Switzerland, 2012, 9min 16sec

A young couple is about to part ways, after realizing their closeness has just been an illusion.


Vincent Black Lightning

Dir: Cat Bruce
UK, 2013, 4min 57sec
This animated film is a heartwarming yet tragic love story of Red Molly and James; a film about love, motorbikes and a redheaded girl.



Dir/Writ: Nate Camponi; Prod: Nate Camponi, Nick Crossley

UK, 2014, 11min

A volatile, intense young kid cruelly intimidates the lady working behind the bar in his dad’s old local.


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