Kinofilm presents Three Minute Wonders

Three Minute Wonders (Cert 15) @ Gullivers

Sunday 1st June – 1.00pm


Dir/Writ; Ben Garfield, Prod; Harriet Harper-Jones, London, 2012, 2:57 mins.

Homey is about a game of British Bulldog being played at an inner-city primary school.


Dir/Prod/Writ; Maryam Tafakory, London, 2013, 3:11 mins.

Visa, is about recent immigration changes in the UK that are tearing many families apart.

House Clearence

Dir/Prod: Terry Wragg, UK, Manchester, 2013, 2min 30s

A woman empties her house following the end of her relationship. Based on a poem by Gaia Homes


Matchgirl Reloaded

Dir/Prod/Writ; Remo Pini, Switzerland, 2014, 3’19”.

A modernized retelling of Anderson’s fairytail “The little Matchgirl”. A young woman unsuccessfully tries to keep afloat selling prepaid phone cards.

The Next Hit: Family Business

Dir/Writ; Dave Moyle, Prod; Dave Moyle/Miguel Daniel Khan, UK, 2014, 3 mins.

A Hitman reminisces of his fathers training as he faces his next target, which is a little too close to home…


Dir/Writ; Chew Keng Hao  Prod; Keane Tan, Singapore, 2014, 2’54”.

Our mind is a complicated tool, where all that we experienced are kept within, both good and bad.

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Hunting for Hockney

Dir/Prod; Alice Dunseath, UK, 2013, 3’13”.

To escape from the realities of bereavement, two friends travel across Yorkshire to look for David Hockney.


Dir/Prod/Writ; Sasha Fox, USA, 2013, 3’05”.

SuperDate is the story of two teens who meet for the first time after months of dating via text only.


Dir/Prod/Writ; Paul Sheeky, London, 2013, 3 mins.

Caught on CCTV, an attacked prostitute finds that sometimes the victim can become the victor.

Kabaret Freeze

Dir/Prod/Writ; Dave Lojek/Maxime Billon, Hamburg, 2013, 3 mins.

Time stops around the creative people of Hamburgerkino. We can take a look at their faces and observe the situations they inhabit.


Dir/Prod/Writ; Ana Puentes, Juan Guerci, Pablo Martinez, Cuba, 2013, 3 mins.

What if you only have a few seconds for the things that matter the most?

Mademoiselle Nimsi

Dir/Prod/Writ; Dave Lojek, Prague, 2013, 3 mins.

Your mind is the trap.


Dir; Mike Staniforth Prod; Ryan McMurray, Mike Staniforth, Leighton Co   Writ: Ryan McMurray, Manchester, 2014, 3’51”.

Moments from now, Thomas will perform his magic show, on stage for the first time…


Dir/Prod/Writ; Neale Adams, Croydon, 2014, 3 mins.

A day in the life of two traders whose families have each worked a market for more than 100 years.

Modern Man

Dir/Prod; Sebastian Solberg Prod; Jassa Ahluwalia Writ: Simon Guerrier, New Zealand/UK, 2013, 3 mins.

It is a story of an accidental time traveling CAVEWOMAN and her chance encounter with RUPERT on the day he plans to propose to his girlfriend.

Pig Wormer

Dir/Prod/Writ; Gavin Irvine, London, 2013, 3’22”.

Unscrupulous drug dealers offer a luvvie the deal of the century.

Patience, Discipline, Determination

Dir/Prod/Writ; Russell Dixon, Coventry, 2013, 3 mins.

This documentary explores Fabiano’s origins, where his spark for bodybuilding came from and what he faces from the public eye where stereotypes are concerned.

Saving the World

Dir/Prod/Writ; Philippa Richford, Brighton, 2014, 2’31”.

DoGood and her cohorts are working hard to save the world, but their plans are thwarted when Evil and her Side Kick kidnap the good doctor.

One in a Million

Dir/Writ; Darren Langands  Prod; Nicole Gaskell, Manchester, 2014, 2’20”.

Terry dreams of winning the lottery. Could tonight be his night?

Bourne Septuagenarian

Dir; Jason Wingard/Gino Evans, UK, 2014, 3 mins.

A comedy spoof of the Bourne Identity set in Salford and featuring two ageing assassins.

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