Kinofilm 2014 presents Women in Film

WOMEN IN FILM (Cert 15) @ Three Minute Theatre

Friday, 30th May, 6.00pm

A compilation of shorts designed to illustrate the diverse talent of contemporary women filmmakers. Maria Cifuentes visualizes a woman’s body as a canvas to explore her inner life in ‘Despertar’(Awakening), Mischa Jakupcak delicately captures a father’s relationship with his child in ‘The Hero Pose’, whilst the power games of childhood are explored in the eerie atmosphere of an old attic in Esther Lowe’s dreamlike ‘Merry-Go-Round’.



Dir: Fani Konstantinou / 15 ‘/ Spain / 2014 / Best Short Film – Paris Film Festival

A mother has to move abroad for work and leave her devoted Nanny behind. How can Sepideh find a way to avoid being separated from the children she loves?


Despertar (Awakening) / Dir: Maria Cifuentes Caruncho, Pro: Marina Le Guay

4’23” / France / 2012

The visual narration of a woman’s dream. Her body, an imaginary landscape, undergoes symbolic metamorphoses as her dream goes on, calling up the origins of life and the elements that compose it.



Dir/Wri: Taisia Deeva, Pro: Wolfgang Boss / 10′ / UK /Russia / 2014 / European Premiere

A child has questions about life and death, but isn’t happy with the answers. So he tries to find some of his own.


Dir: Esther Lowe, Pro: Manuel Kinzer

19’ / Germany / 2012

A spooky children’s story which explores the relationship between siblings by means of a game.


Good, Beauty and Truth

Dir: Balbina Bruszewska, Pro: Piotr Majewski

7’ / Poland / 2012

In a modern world where good, beauty and truth is all but lost, a man clings to an idealised vision of the world.


The Bigger Picture

Dir/Pro/Wri: Daisy Jacobs

7’ / UK / 2014 / UK Premiere

Two sons; one elderly mother; no end in sight.‘The Bigger Picture’ uses giant animated characters in life-size sets to tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an ageing parent.



Dir/Pro Joanna Cabello

9’14” / USA / 2013

Moo! is a coming of age story about a young Latin girl, Cheyenne, who learns through a bovine sized obstacle that she cannot always be in control of a situation…

El Bicho (The Bug)

Dir: Irene Hernanz

7’ / Spain / 2013

Susana and Miguel find a bug in the office… Or is it? What starts as curiosity will get the worst of them.


The Hero Pose

Dir: Mischa Jakupcak

12′ 15′ / USA / 2013 / Award Winner – Cinevic Short Circuit Film Festival

A story about a father and daughter, and those precious moments in life when two people are able to pause and connect.


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