LGBT Shorts Programme 01/12/18 at 6.00pm

(Please Note the venue has changed from GOODSTOCK to NIAMOS Screen 2)

There’s young love and sexual experimentation, tourism and flirtation, punk rock, magic, morticians, awkward mornings after and embarrassing maternal interference in our LGBT programme.

Advisory Cert 15

Saturday 1st December at 6.00pm

NIAMOS 2, Chichester Rd/Warwick St, Manchester M15 5EU

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Greater Manchester Premiere

Dir: Rohan Reddy, Prod: Lucy Evans, Wri: Lucca Lutzky.

UK, 2018, 13 min, Cert 15

At a Catholic girls school, conservative Robyn is captivated by her outspoken, rebellious classmate Isabella…

isabella kino film


UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Clayton Waddell, Prod: Max Van Egmond.

Australia, 2017, 8 min 26 sec, Cert 15

Melbourne: the late 1970s. When his best friend Posty returns from jail, Mick is forced to confront long-repressed feelings that might threaten his position in their gang.

sharps kino film lgbt


UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: D. R. Tibbits, Prod: Shawn Michael Howard, Kel Nelson.

USA, 2017, 18 min 06 sec, Cert 15

Merle, a small-town simpleton still grieving over the loss of his mother, fills his days with a strange hobby…

pinebox kino lgbt


Dir / Prod / Wri: Arkadij Khaet

Germany, 2017, 4 min 8 sec, Cert 15

One Boy, One Girl and her Stepbrother: A date goes wrong.

teenage 3some kino lgbt


North West Premiere

Dir / Wri: Akira Kamiki, Prod: Sofia Wickerhauser, Guilherme Andrade.

Brazil, 2018, 13 min 40 sec, Cert 15

The very best places to visit, take photos and fall in love in São Paulo!

top10 kino lgbt

MAGIC H8 BALL                            

UK Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Dan Hass, Prod: Shawn Adeli

USA, 2017, 14 min 40 sec, Cert 15

Burned by a cheating boyfriend (and some mild chlamydia), a heartbroken pushover turns to a mysterious Magic 8 Ball for the answers.

magic ball kino lgbt


UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Álvaro Moriano, Alejandro de Vega.

Spain, 2018, 11 min, Cert 15

Laura wakes up with a hangover in Lucía’s home…

HEATHER HAS FOUR MOMS                                

North West Premiere

Dir: Jeanette L. Buck, Wri / Co-Prod: Rani Deighe Crowe

UK / USA, 2018, 14 min 08 sec, Cert 15

Which of Heather’s four lesbian moms will give her “the talk” when she decides to lose her virginity for her fifteenth birthday?

heather has four moms kino lgbt

TRT: 96 min 48 sec

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