Refugees 29/11/18

What does it mean to be a refugee? To lose everything – home, country, friends, family. To gamble everything on the hope of a new life, somewhere alien and possibly hostile. To try to hold on to something of who you are and where you came from in spite of everything you have had to leave behind. An eye-opening and heartbreaking selection of Refugees’ stories from around the world.

Advisory Cert 15

Thursday 29th November at 4.00pm

NIAMOS Sc.2 (Nia Cultural Centre), Chichester Road, Warwick St, Manchester M15 5EU

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THE PATTERN                                    

UK Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Azad Jannati

Kurdistan of Iran, 2018, 6 min 57 sec, , Cert PG

A survivor of the 1988 chemical attack on Halabja, Iraq, reflects on her feelings and what she has been through as she creates a tradtional rug…

ROOF KNOCKING                            

North West Premiere

Dir: Sina Salimi, Prod: Sergio Salazar, Wri: Lucas Abrahão.

Estonia, 2017, 12 min 14 sec, Cert 15

Gaza, mid-Ramadan. A mother receives a phone call giving her 10 minutes  to abandon her home before the area is bombed.


UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Bahram Ark, Prod: Iranian National School of Cinema.

Iran, 2017, 15 min, Cert 15

A man who wants to cross the border illegally disguises himself as a ram.

BACHA POSH                                    

UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Katia Scarton-Kim, Prod: Janine Piguet, Thierry Pradervand, Anabelle Bouzhon.

Switzerland, 2018, 19 min 43 sec, Cert 15

The Calais Jungle. Nadim and his family are en route to the UK. But Nadim hides a secret.

TOWARDS THE SUN                      

North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Monica Santis, Prod: Rosa Santis, Armand Daigle, Humberto Perez, Wri: Elie Choufany

UK / USA, 2017, 19 min 30 sec

A 12 year old girl confronts her traumatic past when she is placed at an immigrant children’s shelter for unaccompanied minors in Texas.

YOU’RE WELCOME                         

North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Rebecca Panian, Prod: Tara Biere, Gerda Leopold, Wri: Sylvia Borges.

Switzerland / Germany, 2017, 9 min, Cert 15

You want to drink your coffee in peace but suddenly you find yourself faced by people stirring up hatred against refugees. What do you do?


North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Abtin Mozafari, Prod: Peyrang Studio.  

Iran, 2017, 10 min 30 sec, Cert 15

An allegorical fantasy about the current situation in Syria.

TRT: 92 min 14 sec

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