Animation 2: Special Selections, Wed 24th Feb

Wed 24th Feb, Central Library  6.00pm    Tickets now available here.

Animation 2: “SPECIAL SELECTIONS” (15)

From a mischievous raccoon, to Trick or Treat gone mad, enjoy these shorts specially selected for the Kinofilm Festival. Be amused, entertained, touched and informed by films that have made their way around the world, including the Oscar nominated ‘A Single Life’.


Baxter                        NORTHWEST Premiere

Dir/Wri: Ty Coyle, Prod: Ty Coyle, Michael Bond II

USA (2013), 2 min. 56 sec., Cert PG

Baxter the raccoon gets into Granny’s Sweet Shop, but his candy obsession winds up getting the best of him.


Runaway                        UK Premiere

Dir/Wri: Susan Yung, Emily Buchanan, Esther Parobek, Prod: Ringling College of Art & Design

USA (2013), 3 min. 37 sec., Cert PG

A charming story about a misunderstanding between a man named Stanley and his treasured 1950s fridge named Chillie.


Creamen                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri/Prod: Esther Casas Roura

Spain/USA (2013), 12 min. 4 sec., Cert PG

The four lovable and sweet main characters capture our hearts as they gradually have to confront an unexpected challenge to their very existence.


Leaving Home (Uit Huis)                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri: Joost Lieuwma, Prod: il Luster Films- Chris Eimers Mouw

Netherlands (2013), 6 min. 36 sec., Cert 12a

A father decides his son is old enough to leave home-only each time he does, he returns in increasingly strange ways.


Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam                        NORTHWEST Premiere

Dir/Prod: Jeff Chiba Stearns

Canada (2013), 7 min. 42 sec., Cert PG

The To-Do list comes alive in this award-winning, collaborative animation.


IOA                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri: Gabriel Moehring, Prod: Hochschule Lucerne School of Art & Design- Nina Gellerson

Switzerland (2013), 2 min. 12 sec., Cert 12a

A vowel reciting machine describes in a soliloquy its miserable existence at the hands of a despotic singing teacher.


Love in the Time of Advertising                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri: Matt Berenty & David Bokser, Prod: Kevi Shapiro

USA (2013), 8 min. 15 sec., Cert PG

A young man lives inside a billboard, updating the advertisements. When he falls in love with a beautiful lady living across the highway, he uses the only method he knows to get his message across: Advertising.



Dir/Wri: David Pavon, Prod: Emilio de la Rosa

Spain (2013), 5 min. 52 sec., Cert 12a

Once upon a time there was a paper boat, who lived in an abandoned toy store. This is the story of his life’s journey.


A Single Life

Dir/Wri/Prod: Marieke Blaaw, Joris Oprins, Job Roggeveen

Netherlands (2014), 2 min. 24 sec., Cert 12a

When playing a mysterious vinyl record, Pia is suddenly able to time travel through her life.


The Bug

Dir/Wri: Yiannis Liolios, Prod: Jon Broberg Carter, Yiannis Liolios

Greece (2013), 5 min. 29 sec., Cert PG

When a bug accidentally turns purple, he is taught a valuable lesson in friendship.


Ivan and the Wolf                        UK Premiere

Dir/Wri/Prod: Anna Levinson

Germany (2015), 4 min. 56 sec., Cert 12a

In order to become a real man, little Ivan must pass a test of courage in which he has to kill a wolf. But it is not easy at all, since the two of them like each other right away.


Home Sweet Home                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri: Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet, Stephane Paccolat, Prod: Autour de Minuit

France (2013), 9 min., 56 sec., Cert 12a

The Story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.



Dir/Wri/Prod: Robert Loebel

Germany (2013), 3 min. 49 sec., Cert PG

An animated short about the daily routine of life in a windy country. The inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions, with the wind creating a natural system for day-to-day routine.


Heavenly Peace                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri/Prod: Andreas Wessel-Therhorn

USA (2014), 5 min. 13 sec., Cert 15

An estranged gay couple is visited by a mischievous cupid just in time for Christmas. Based on a comic by Ralf Konig.


Pommes Frites                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri: Balder Westein, Prod: Chris Mouw, Ramon Verberne, Michiel Snijders

Netherlands (2013), 2 min. 9 sec., Cert 15

It is Halloween and three kids go out trick or treating. It’s a windy night and the only welcoming person in the small town is treated to an unexpected sight.

TRT: 83:08

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