29th May 14 Bokeh Yeah & Comma Film present

Part of the KinoFilm Festival

Bokeh Yeah  & Comma Film present


The Timeline Poem Film programme

An evening of poetry films – joining poets and filmmakers together to create astonishing new work. The evening will also have Poetry readings from some of the poets involved and music from DJ Juicey Lucy.


Islington Mill, James St. Salford. M3 5HW

Thursday 29th May 8:30pm – 11:30pm


Come celebrate the results of this literary fusion of poetry and film with screening of the latest round from the Bokeh Yeah! and Comma Film collaboration.


Timeline is presented by Bokeh Yeah in association with Comma Film and wishes to thank the many poets who donated their work for consideration in this round of the challenge. There will be further challenges in the further so please keep in touch.


Bokeh Yeah is a Manchester based Filmmaking Academy, working primarily with DSLR cameras. The group runs training sessions, talk, producing films  and screenings. This poem film programme is the culmination of their 3rd filmmaking challenge. 


For more info on Bokeh Yeah! Visit www.facebook.com/BokehYeah

Twitter @bokeh_yeah

For CommaFilm : www.commafilm.co.uk/


List of films:



Dir/Pro/Wri: Stuart Alexander Rees

3’ 25’ / England / 2014

Lost in the wood, a fallen man finds an unusual creature.

Based on a poem by Ed Barton, published by Comma Press 



Dir/Pro/Wri: Andrew Cullimore

2’ 05’ / England / 2014

This film focuses on a woman, branded by insult but wishing to cleanse herself.

Based on a poem by  Helen Clare, published by Comma Press


Not Talking

Dir/Pro/Wri: Chris Hughes

2’ 47’ / England / 2014

Two drivers meet after a collision on a lonely road.

Based on a poem by Chris Woods, published by Comma Press

Not Talking

Not Talking


Out Of Love Sonnet

Dir/Pro/Wri: Luke Helly

2’ 23’ / England / 2014

A conflicted man, tormented by his nightmares, finally summons the courage to sever his relationship with his partner. Based on a poem by Anna Percy, published by Flapjack Press


Out of Love

Out of Love



Black Hole

Dir/Pro/Wri: Ben Mottershead

3’ 00’ / England / 2014

Meet Jack, determined on self destruction in the wake of his wife’s death.

Based on a poem by Chris Woods, published by Comma Press.  

Black Hole

Black Hole


Dir/Pro/Wri: Adele Myers

1’ 42’ / England / 2014

A young woman sheds the trappings of her day to escape to a more peaceful place.

Based on a poem by Gaia Holmes, published by Comma Press




Honey I’m Home

Dir/Pro/Wri: Joseph Stacey

1’ 03’ / England / 2014

A young woman reminisces about her mother.

Based on a poem by Helen Clare, published by Comma Press



Dir/Pro/Wri: James Starkie

3’ 00’ / England / 2014

As a man tries to enjoy his last moments with his dying girlfriend but is constantly

distracted by the call of the Banshees. Based on a poem by Gaia Holmes, published by Comma Press



Dir/Pro/Wri: Alessandro Trenti

3’ 00’ / England / 2014

A man drinks to forget. Based on a poem by Gaia Holmes, published by Comma Press

Dreams_Alessandro Trenti


Special thanks to Arc Publications, Comma Press, Erbacce-press, Commonword / Crocus, Flapjack Press, The Journal, Salt Publishing, Madlab, Islington Mill, KinoFilm, Manchester Craft and Design Centre


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