*UPDATE* Animation Showcase on Friday at Partisan

Friday is our spectacular Animation Showcase!

We’re hosting the selection of Programmes from 12 – 9:30pm at the wonderful venue Partisan Collective in Green Quarter, under 10 minute walk from Manchester Victoria Station! The full address is 19 Cheetham Hill Rd, Manchester M4 4FY.

The Showcase includes;

Animation Masterclass: Chris Shepherd 

12pm – 1.30pm

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Nominated twice for a BAFTA, Chris Shepherd is a multi award winning director, writer and producer. Chris has worked on many TV Shows and commercials. Including animation for Chris Morris’s Nathan Barley and classic World Stareout Championship sketches for BBC’s Big Train.

Chris will be using a range of examples from his stellar portfolio as he shares his craft with us. His latest film Brexicuted (screening in our Alumni and Animation 1 programmes), exemplifies his witty tone and unique style.



O!PLA Polish Animation Programme – Repeat screening


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The POLISH ANIMATION FESTIVAL “O!PLA”, meaning:” Oh! Polish Animation “, has been running since 2013. Its objectives are to promote the work of Polish animators, both at home (O! PLA INNOVATION) and abroad (O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS), by means of special screenings for viewers of all ages, lectures, meetings with creators and animation workshops.

The first edition of the festival in 2013 took place in 21 cities. By 2017, the festival was screening in 61 cities, from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains. The programme is selected by “the biggest jury in the world” – the Polish Audience – which last year was over 6000 people.  Kino is delighted to be presenting the 2018 special selection of O!Pla award-winners.


25 Years Slovak Animation – A Retrospective


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Explore Slovak animation with a special selection 25 Years in Slovak Animation!

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary years of Slovakia’s independence, Slovak Film Institute and International Animation Festival Fest Anča prepared the compilation 25 Years in Slovak Animation, presenting widely recognised and renowned Slovak animated shorts made since 1993.

The selected shorts introduce various precedents, milestones and distinguish authors who have formed Slovak contemporary animation. Titles demonstrate literacy, technical prowess, thematic maturity and inventiveness of their authors.

Slovak animation has gone through uneasy times since 1993. Drastic institutional changes right after the declaration of independence caused stagnation in Slovak animation that affected the whole community of animation filmmakers. The establishment of Department of Animation at the Academy of Performing Arts averted the risk of its total disappearance of Slovak animation. From this vague period arose a new generation of Slovak animators. At that time an important part for the growth of animation was represented by commissioned work on animated music videos.


Animation 1: Special Selections 


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Come one, come all for a special show. Tales of the future, the past, family and friends. To adapting to one’s environment, or ruining it, these films say it all. And, of course, there’s a ragingly funny take on everyone’s favourite upcoming ‘divorce’.



Animation 2: Dark & Light 


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Tales of war-time romance, and film noir too. Cynical old gents, and ones with fond memories to share. Demented potatoes, tortured artistes, and a boy who turned being bullied into a victory. These and many more are the ups and downs, ins and outs, the dark, and the light.


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