WOMEN IN FILM 2 – UK 30/11/18 at 6.00pm

A face from the past, and a confused recollection, the pursuit of nirvana and a chance of salvation, youthful dreams and ambitions and the tyranny of ageism, the immigrant experience and the dance of life, all in our programme of the best of British women filmmakers.

Advisory Cert 15

Friday 30th November 6.00pm

NIAMOS sc.1 (Nia Cultural Centre), Chichester Road, Warwick St, Manchester M15 5EU

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BITTER SEA                    

Greater Manchester Premiere

Dir / Wri / Cast: Fateme Ahmadi, Prod: Emma Parsons

UK, 2017, 14 min 48 sec, Cert 15

To keep her job and home in London, an immigrant single mother has to hide her daughter from her boss and landlord.

bitter sea kino film festival


North West Premiere

Dir: Pratyusha Gupta, Prod: Emma Duffy, Wri: Sharmila Chauhan.

UK, 2017, 12 min

A woman meets a man from her past, forcing her to make an impossible choice.

oyster kino film festival


Manchester Premiere

Dir / Co-Prod / Co-Wri: Vika Evdokimenko, Co-Prod: Emma Stone, Co-Wri: Oliver Shuster

UK / France, 2017, 16 min 22 sec, Cert 15

13 year old Aamir is stranded alone in the largest unofficial refugee camp in Europe. Katlyn, a thinly stretched volunteer, becomes his last hope for salvation.

aamir kino film festival


North West Premiere

Dir: Kate Cheeseman, Prod: Georgina French, Carol Younghusband

UK, 2018, 10 min 37 sec

A girl’s fractured memories distort the truth of a sexual assault.

what happened to evie kino film festival

CALLING HOME                  

Greater Manchester Premiere

Dir / Wri: Megan K. Fox, Prod: Paul Romero Méndez

UK, 2017, 19 min 40 sec

Dorota moves to London with dreams of becoming a fashion designer, but her path is altered by an abusive relationship.

calling home kino film festival

LADY M                                 

Manchester Premiere

Dir: Tammy Riley Smith, Prod: Karen Newman, Wri: Melissa Knatchbull

UK, 2018, 11 min 45 sec, Cert 12

Hell hath no fury like an older woman scorned.

lady m kino film festival


North West Premiere

Dir / Wri: Jo Lane

UK, 2017, 2 min 58 sec, Cert 15

One woman’s meditation journey, and the distractions along the way.

how not to meditate


North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Rebecca Dale-Everett, Prod / Wri: Katie Dale-Everett

UK, 2018, 6 min 10 sec

“My mother went into labour at the Saturday Night New Year’s Dance. So really from my first movement in the world, I was connected to dance.”

twenty forty sixty kino film festival

TRT: 93 min 17 sec

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