Posts from 29 October 2018

WOMEN IN FILM 3 – International Two 30/11/18 at 8.30pm

We’ve erotic anticipation and the tawdry reality, romantic imagination and a sour reawakening, village gossip and a teenage rebellion, a birthday message and a night[…]

aamir kino film festival

WOMEN IN FILM 2 – UK 30/11/18 at 6.00pm

A face from the past, and a confused recollection, the pursuit of nirvana and a chance of salvation, youthful dreams and ambitions and the tyranny[…]

love me fear me kino film women

WOMEN IN FILM 1 – International One 30/11/18 at 4.00pm

The pressures of childhood and the perils of peer groups, the search for the self and conformity conquered, self-mythologising machismo and one last great romantic[…]