Kinofilm Winners – British Short Film Awards

We are proud to announce the 17th edition of the Kino British Shorts Festival Awards that took place Sunday 24th Oct 2021

The 17th KINOFILM Festival last night held the Kino British Shorts Awards and we’re proud to announce to audiences and filmmakers of the winning films. Time to look back and reflect on the amazing array of British short films we were proud to showcase this year.

Though originally scheduled to to take place in March 2020, the awards ceremony is 19 months late due to Covid lockdowns, but we considered it still important to awards some of these fantastic films even if many of them had reached the end of their festival life. With over 160 shorts in our 17th Festival – mostly British – the jury with members from Poland, Italy, USA and the UK, buckled down from some massive viewing sessions and came up with the following results.

Thanks to all our jury members for the task of viewing and appraising all the wonderful films. We hope you agree they have made some great decisions!

Best British Short  Film

Winner – Conte Anglais by Daniel Marc Janes

Conte Anglaise

Runner Up –  Baba by Adam Ali and Sam Arbor

Special Mention – The Sound by Antony Petrou

Best North West Short Film

Winner – Baba by Adam Ali and Sam Arbor  


Runner up – Nightrunning by Antony Morris

Special mention – Pavement by Jason Wingard

Best UK Actor 

Winner – Adam Ali – in Baba 


Runner up – Brian Vernell in Conte Anglais

Special mention – Ellis Hilton and Daniel Pennington in Allan and Waspy

Best UK Actress 

Winner – Sharon Small in Slingshot by Robin Haig 

Runner up – Amita Suman in Daughter

Special mention – Sienna Guillory in The Sound

Best Cinematography

Winner – David Meadows for Say Grace by Phil Hawkins 

Runner up – Conte Anglais Daniel Marc

Special mention – The Sound by Antony Petrou

Best UK Screenplay

Winner – The Sound by Antony Petrou 


Runner up – Conte Anglais Daniel Marc

Special mention – Baba by Adam Ali and Sam Arbor

Best UK Alumni Short

Winner – Slingshot by Robin Haig 

Runner up – Treacle by Rosie Westhoff

Special mention – Paparazza by Aurora Fearnley

Best UK Student Short

Winner – Surface Noise by Ella Rose Howlett 

Runner up – The Package by Leo Astudillo

Special mention – Mezzanine by Abigail Porter


Best UK Newcomer (First Film)

Winner – Mr Alan on a Saturday by Flora Tennant 


Runner Up: Love & Spirit by Helen Cross

Special Mention – What is your name by Nathan Birdi

Best Women in Film UK Short 

Winner: Skip Girl – Directed by Annabel Vine 

Runner up: Clean as you Like –  by Theresa Varga

Special mention: Turning Ten – by Jaylam Auf


Best Women in Film UK Actress

Winner: Rachel Doherty in Surface Noise 

Runner Up: Kennedy Atkins in Cut

Special mention: Ellie Rose Laver in Alpha

Best Women in Film UK Screenplay

Winner: Aurora Fearnley for

Runner Up: April Kelley for Treacle

Special Mention: Sophie Black for Hidden

For a full list including all nominations – see below (scroll down with the arrow at the bottom of the window to view the full award nominations>


Final Best British Shorts Winners pdf and Nominations (2)-1
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