KINOFILM FESTIVAL 2024 Award Winners Announced

Best EU Short Film:

Winner: L’Acquario

Director, Writer, Producer: Gianluca Zonta, Co-Writer: Alessandro Salentino, Producer: Camillo Esposito & Andrea Guidot & Serena Marconi

Country: Italy


Runner up:

Juste Avant

Director, Writer, Producer: Sylvain Bressollette

Country: France


Honourable Mention:


Director: Michele Cardano & Francesco Bolognesi, Writer: Andrea Brusa, Producer: Andrea Italia

Country: Italy


Best UK Short Film

Winner: Soulmate

Director & Writer: Richard Fenwick

Country: UK

Runner up:

Making Up

Director, Writer, Producer: Ryan Paige

Producer:  Daniel Pemberton/Amy Ajeto/Poppy O’Hagan

Country: UK

Honourable Mentions:

Big Cat

Director & Writer: Mike Gilbert

Producer: Freddie Hall

Country: UK


Director, Writer, Producer: Adam Bellamy

Country: UK

Best NW Short Film

Winner: Chicken Girl

Director & Writer: Em Humble

Producer: Milda Baginskaite

Country: UK

Runner up:

Crossbar Challenge

Director, Writer, Producer: James Oliver

Co-Producer & Co-Writer: Tom Ryder

Country: UK

Honourable Mention:


Director, Writer, Producer: Nicholas Cole

Country: UK

Best Animation Short Film

Winner: Caline

Director & Writer: Margot Reumont

Producer: Zorobabel

Country: Belgium

Runner up:

Song of Flying Leaves

Director, Writer, Producer: Armine Anda

Writer: Roman Balayan

Country: Armenia

Honourabe Mention:

Cod & Chips

Director & Writer: Matt Pidgeon

Producer: Deirdre Griffin

Country: Ireland

Grand Prize

Winner: Live

Director & Writer: Mara Tamkovich

Producer: Filip Marczewski

Country: Poland

Runner up:

Panic Attack

Director, Writer, Producer: Anthony Assad

Country: Ireland

Honourable Mention:


Director & Writer: David Padilla

Country: France

Best Cinematography in Short Film

Winner: Game, Interrupted

Director & Writer: Ilayda Iseri

Producer: Tolga Karacelik Fehmi Ozturk

Country: Turkey

Runner up:

Red Sky at Night

Director & Writer: Kieran Stringfellow

Producer: Tasha Williams

Country: UK

Honourable Mentions:

La Pillirina

Director: Fausto Cavaleri

Writer: Livia Alcalde

Producer: Tony Pellegrino

Country: Italy / Sicilly

Paris 70

Director: Dani Feixas Roca

Writer: Nach Solís

Producer: Dani Roca & Alba Bernaus

Country: Spain

Best Actor in Short Film

Winner: Ayisha Siddiqi (Honeycomb)

Director & Writer: Haider Hussain

Producer: Haider Hussain & Genny van T‘Veer

Country: Netherlands

Runner up:

Gwyneth Evans (Lyrids)

Director & Producer: Jack Berry

Writer: Nina Berry

Producer: Gwyneth Evans

Country: UK

Honourable Mention:

Evie Hilyer-Ziegler for Fionamonium

Director, Writer, Producer: Angus Gannagé

Producer: Julian Roberts

Country: UK

Best Women In Film

Winner: Firefly

Director & Writer: Anne-Marie Scragg

Writer: Mathew Bayliss

Producer: Jim Page

Country: UK

Runner up:

Does Your Hand Shake Vladimir

Director, Writer, Producer: Odveig Klyve

Country: Norway

Honourable Mentions:


Director& Writer: Grace Alwyn Ashworth

Producer: Håkan Carlsson

Country: UK

True Lies

Director: Roni Levkowitz

Country: France

Best Student Short Film Award

Winner: Marla

Director & Writer: Eleanor O’Donoghue

Producer: Jessica Ainsworth

Country: UK

Runner Up:

The Dangerous Business of Cheese Toasties

Director & Writer: Fin Heff

Producer: Lucas Teal

Country: UK

Special Mentions:

That’s My Biscuit

Director, Writer: Juliana Andrade Venturini & Amal Ghamlooch & Jonathan Webb & John O’Connor

Country: UK

Coeden Meinir

Director: Josie Harris

Writer: Kayleigh Gardikioti-Griva

Producer: Holly Bellack

Country: UK

Street Art

Director, Writer, Producer: Millie Hine

Country: UK

Festival Choice Award

Winner: 2K5

Director: Nicole Pott

Writer: Nicole Pott & Maia Kipping

Producer: Tuli Litvak

Country: UK

Runner Up:

True Lies

Director: Roni Levkowitz

Country: France

Honourable Mention:

Paradise Lost Show

Director, Writer, Producer: Silvia De Gennaro

Country: Italy



Honourable Mention

Showing Around Lapland Mushroom

Director, Writer, Producer: Richard Howe

Country: UK

That’s it for 2024. Congratulations to all the wonderful filmmakers that won or were nominated. Thanks also to all the others whose films we showed in this years KINOFILM festival.

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