Posts in 28th November 18

Partner Festivals ‘Best of the Fest’ – 28/11/18

Following on from the Film Formula and Meet the Festivals events throughout Wednesday (information for these can be found here), you now have the knowhow and understanding or[…]

Microshorts 28/11/18

Sometimes, brevity is the soul of wit. And of concise and incisive filmmaking. This programme is designed to demonstrate this. We’ve mobile phone films and[…]

Romantic Tales 28/11/18

There’s young love in Tuscany and a chaotic classroom cupid, a lazy morning after, and a bittersweet comedown, classical literature come to life, and a[…]

Kino Noir 28/11/18

There’s wise guys in crisis and young men out of their depth, robberies gone wrong and suicides gone South, a journey into the night and[…]

Italian Programme 28/11/18

Presented in Association with Dante Alighieri Manchester and Europia       We’ve awkward goodbyes and overdue reunions, snotty philosophical musings and suspect religious conversions, an[…]

Spanish Programme 28/11/18 & 29/11/18

Presented in Association with the Instituto Cervantes and Europia              We’ve methods of mourning and coping with grieving, flights from responsibility[…]

Documentary Shorts One 28/11/18

Please Note the venue has changed from GOODSTOCK to the University of Manchester and is now taking place at 5.30pm Meditations on mortality and family:[…]

Documentary Shorts Two 28/11/18

Please Note: This Screening has moved from GOOODSTOCK to the University of Manchester There’s life after radioactive disasters, journeys into gold prospecting, graffiti artists struggling[…]